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Welcome to spoiledrottenauto.com version 2.0! The new site allows you to buy graphic kits for the DIYer! You'll notice that I am missing some models but that doesn't mean we don't have what you're looking for. Please call or email for help as I have hundreds of patterns available!

Here's a little background about me. So I’m Brian currently a one man band doing what I love in Orlando, FL. I started Spoiled Rotten Auto back in August of 2003 when I met my soon to be wife here. She actually tweaked my original tag line from what I had to, "Get Ready to be Spoiled!" and I knew she was going to be a great wife!

So the first thing people say when they here my business name is, "Wow, I love the name! They usually laugh and say something about their kids being spoiled rotten or their spouse or pet. And while that is all well and good, what made me come up with the name is YOU, my customer! You are the one that needs to be SPOILED ROTTEN! You work hard for your money and deserve the best customer service on the planet! In this respect, I am rather old school. I expect customer service wherever I shop and prefer to spend my hard earned money with those businesses that truly comprehend and appreciate it. I love the simplicity of sticking to your word, a hand shake to solidify a deal and the honesty, integrity and professionalism that you rightfully deserve as a customer. It’s just that simple. If I’m running late to your appointment, I’ll call you to let you know. If I made a mistake and forgot to order your part, I’ll apologize and work twice as hard to make it right and even sweeten the deal. We’re all human and make mistakes, no need to further disappoint the customer. It’s just not worth it! That is why I hope you will do business with me. I work hard to make sure your car is cared for the absolute best as humanly possible. I prefer a job done right and go to great lengths to make sure it is done as if it were my own car. It’s what I expect and you deserve no less!

So here is my background. I was born in a car crazy house. My grandfather was a mechanic and owned his own repair shop in New York. He was a big Desoto fan and made sure his son and grand kids knew about MOPARS! My two older brothers are both ASE Master Mechanics. I, on the other hand, didn’t have the mechanical gift that they have. Instead I used my knowledge of automobiles, love for customer service and keen eye for detail at my first job with Bob Maddox Chrysler-Plymouth in the Parts Dept. I loved organizing the shelves, making sure the part numbers were legible and everything in numerical order to facilitate a smooth and easy transaction for the techs and retail customers. It was a perfect fit for me.

After that I was invited by a good friend of mine who owned Auto Extra’s  to work for him doing what I do now, auto accessories. I remember my first official day on my own striping cars at the Toyota dealership and man was it windy! Trial by fire, the best way to learn! When the boss came to check on me he was really surprised to see how straight the stripes were. We were one of the first to do gold plating when that product emerged and man the Nissan dealer loved us. I could gold plate an Altima blind folded If I had to. I was a pioneer in the spoiler industry as well.  At the time there were like 3 choices that we could buy and I found a two pedestal one that looked great on the Hyundai Elantra Sedans. I sold a bunch of those back in the day and figured out just the right spot to make it look like a factory installation.

We also took care of the local body shops when they had cars that needed re-striping and graphics after an accident. That is where I learned the value of customer service and professionalism. Back in the day before cell phones we had beepers and therefore relied on our client’s phones to talk to customers and make appointments. It could be quite the hassle always asking to use the phones but that is how it was. Instead of  waiting for my clients to go in to panic mode wondering if we were gonna show up while the customer was in the waiting room. I would call them ahead of time and let know that I hadn’t forgotten them and let them know where I was, how many stops I had before them and if I was running a little behind. I remember one of my customers telling me how much he really appreciated me always staying in touch. He even asked me when I was going to start my own business! It made his job less stressful since we are always the last ones to put the finishing touches on their repairs before the customer picks up their car. I realized right then and there that, that is how I can make myself different from my competitors! We all have competitors and guess what they sell the same stuff that you do. What makes the difference is the service before and after the sale that separates the best from the rest! That’s my goal with each and every customer. So GET READY TO BE SPOILED with excellent parts, prices, and service!

Thanks for stopping by and always remember that we at Spoiled Rotten Auto Accessories thank and appreciate the opportunity to serve you!