Dodge Challenger

392 Hemi SRT8 Red Pinstripes 392 Hemi SRT8 Red Pinstripes 392 Hemi SRT8 Red Pinstripes

Here we  have one of my favorite cars on the planet! 392 cubic inches of Mopar POWER! The customer wanted a little something extra to make her car standout from the other SRT8 cars out there. Her idea was to add some red striping around the factory stripes. I thought it wouldn’t look good but boy was I wrong! I really dig it and, as always, the customer gets what she wants!

Fiat 500 Scuderia Style Stripes

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Here is a cool little Fiat with red Ferrari style stripes on a beautiful olive green.

Ryan’s Cherry Chevy Camaro 45th Anniversary Rally Stripes!

Ryan's Toy!

Ryan’s Toy!

Camaro headlight/grill blackout

Ryan wanted to blackout the grill area.

Rear was blacked out too!

Rear was blacked out too!

Rear stripes

Rear stripes

Ryan’s neighbor brought home their new Dodge Charger that I had striped and immediately got in contact with me to see about striping his car. They were very impressed with the workmanship and made plans to get his car done just they way he envisioned, gloss black and silver 45th anniversary style rally stripes and grill/trunk blackouts. The car is immaculately cared for and Ryan has done quite a few upgrades inside the cabin and a little more gogo juice for the motor. The car runs strong, sounds great and now looks better than ever. Check out his car on the camaro5 forum.

2007 Mustang Shelby GT Rally Stripes Restoration

Alvins Mustang Shelby GT

Alvin’s NEW Mustang Shelby GT Rally Stripes!

Rear view of new Shelby Rally Stripes

Rear view of new Shelby Rally Stripes

Factory Original Side Stripes still in great condition with something extra!

Factory Original Side Stripes still in great condition with something extra!

Alvin's wannabe Super Snake Shelby!

Alvin’s wannabe Super Snake Shelby!

Alvin loves and I mean LOVES his Mustang Shelby GT! He bought it used and has babied it ever since. He washes it weekly and that is no joke. He takes a lot of pride in his car and it shows. However, since it’s a 2007 the factory rally stripes were done, actually extremely dead to be precise. He wanted to restore his stripes to new condition and that’s where I came in. He was graciously referred to me by the fine chaps at Sunstate Ford Body Shop. Let me say that I have redone a few other Shelby GT’s but the stripes were only 6 months old or so and I didn’t have to remove the 25 rivets that hold the hood scoop down nor reinstall it, which requires special rivet gun that I never knew even existed! I assumed that I could strip this one in the same amount of time but boy was I wrong! It took me several hours/days just to get them off, then I had to clay bar, then buff the paint to get the surface as smooth as a new car. I still wasn’t ready to re-stripe the car because there were fading issues in the paint so I had to re-engineer the pattern a little wider on both sides to extend over to cover the fading. Finally I laid down some gorgeous Oracal Silver Metallic vinyl restoring the Shelby to it’s former glory.  This took a while to get done, much longer than I ever anticipated but Alvin was very patient and really appreciated the attention to detail and care that I took with his baby! Good things come to those who wait and Alvin is feeling good cruising Orlando in his newly striped Shelby GT by none other than Spoiled Rotten Auto Accessories!

Mustang Super Snake Stripes at Tropical Ford of Orlando, FL!

Another project for Tropical Ford of Orlando, FL. This was the first time that any dealer wanted to do something different than the standard rally stripes. Of course I was more than happy to flex my vinyl muscles to replicate the famous Super Snake stripe package. The white car utilized an awesome bright blue that sold within a few days. The black stang here uses silver metallic for a nice factory look.

Florida State Seminoles Redline Stripe Package on a white 2013 Challenger

I love it when the customer comes up with something custom to do to their new ride! Dean from Orlando, Fl recently purchased his Dodge Challenger from Napelton Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Clermont and loved the look of the new Redline Edition Challenger stripes he saw on the lot. The only problem is that Dean is a Florida State Seminole FAN and he had to pay tribute to his favorite team. He asked if I could do the Redline stripes but in FSU colors and I said sure thing.  I had no idea what colors would be correct for FSU so he told me there was a store that sells tons of collegiate memorabilia on Edgewater Dr. in Orlando and so I stopped by to take a look at some certified FSU apparel to get an idea of what would work color wise. Later on we met up and his place and picked out some awesome Oracal 951M colors that would look the best. We settled on Red Brown Metallic for the center stripe and gold metallic for the smaller outside stripes. The results are true tribute to the FSU Seminoles! Enjoy, Dean!

2012 Camaro Convertible with Oracal 951M Copper Metallic Stripes

So Ryan, the sales managers at Courtesy Chevrolet West Colonial called me about doing something different on these convertibles that they have with tan colored tops. It’s a unique combination and they wanted to spruce one up with some matching rally stripes. The only problem was that none of the tan vinyls matched the top. Then we saw this amazing looking Copper Metallic in the catalog and decided to put it up next to the top and bingo, a nice compliment to the top and interior. I ordered it up and did the install a few days later. I added color matched bowtie emblems front and back, quarter panel gill inserts and an accent stripe under the Camaro badge on the fenders to pull everything together. The results speak for themselves!

SRT8 Rally Stripes

Here is one of my earlier creations for Napleton Chrysler Jeep Dodge & Ram in Kissimmee. 2011 Challenger with Matte Black Oracal Vinyl. This one, as you can see, stayed on the showroom floor. It was a big hit with the customers!


Clermont Dodge 2011 Challenger

New Dodge Challenger Orange with Flat Black SRT8 Rally Stripes